Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inconvenient Truth of the Day

So you know this part in A Christmas Story?

It was always my favorite part. Though I sympathized with the poor kid (his name is not really hitting me at the moment), I thought it was the most hilarious thing.

Well, it turns out a warm surface to ice really does stick to said warm surface, and I had a chance to learn that first hand (literally!) today.

One of the other great benefits to my apartment (I am seriously going to live here for as long as I can in my college career) is that it has an ice maker. The ice maker at my parents' house has long been broken, like three years and counting

My brilliant mom came with a genius solution and that is this:
My parents fully have one of these things hanging out in their otherwise darling kitchen. To get perpetually cold water, my mom religiously fills up something like this...

I couldn't find an actual model, but think deeper. Mom, if you are reading this, we better hope your container never gives out! They are impossible to find! 

...and sticks it in the freezer. The result is a large (and free!) ice block. Walaa! Cold water and ice in the orange container. It is great, but an ice maker is even better. 

Anyway, so today, I finished up washing my dishes and then decided I wanted some ice to go with my water and naively stuck my wet hand in the ice maker. The result was three pieces of ice firmly stuck on my hand. And it actually hurts pretty bad to get off. So, lesson learned: wet hands and ice don't really go together. Maybe my mom was on to something with the giant ice block. The end. 

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